Many think the life of an international travel and freelance journalist is glamorous. That is not always the case. Yes, often it’s exciting because discovery is exciting! However, it can be stressful. Need I mention it’s occasionally dangerous? Where exactly in this world is safe if some minions of a national leader decide they don’t like you or something you wrote? In fact, writing the truth can be deadly for the writer. I’m pretty sure China is safe for me because I hold the leadership in high regard and generally speaking it’s pretty clean compared to most countries.

I am however terrified of going to the US. Why? I’ve published critical reviews of American foreign and domestic policies that are probably not appreciated by some of the highly corrupt politicians and corporate leaders in the US. Also, I am Muslim. And, I truly believe socialist countries do represent the working people far better than capitalist countries that only represent the rich. Being a Muslim and an advocate for socialism appears very dangerous indeed.

Muammar Gaddafi was a Muslim socialist. What did the US funded and organized “revolutionaries” do to him?

The murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi

Confession from the profession: ‘Presstitutes’ in the service of the CIA, By Tim Pelzer, November 19, 2020
“It is well documented that the CIA uses the media to spread disinformation. After 1945, the agency, in what is known as “Operation Mockingbird,” recruited journalists in major U.S. media to promote its Cold War Anti-Communist perspective. According to former CIA agent turned whistleblower Philip Agee, the agency had journalists on its payroll across Latin America. In Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA, Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor for the mass daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), reveals how the CIA and the German Federal Intelligence Agency (BND) use the German media to spread propaganda to shape public opinion.
“The BND has two employees who are assigned to provide articles to major newspapers with the knowledge of their editors and owners. One fake story he placed his name on was about former Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi building a poisonous gas factory with the help of European companies in 1993.”
“Intelligence services believe that journalists are easy to buy, according to the author, quoting a CIA agent who told the Washington Post, “You can get a journalist for less than a good whore, for a few hundred dollars.”

What was then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the rape and murder of Moammar Gaddafi? She thought it was funny.

“…In this extract, Martin Chulov looks back at the dictator’s capture and death

“A mob grew around Gaddafi as he was frog-marched through the sand. While he was being taken towards a group of rebel trucks, one fighter crouched in the dirt behind the frightened captive and sodomized him with a bayonet.

“‘Haram Alikum!’ screamed Gaddafi, his voice hoarse and his eyes darting wildly. Loosely translated: ‘It’s a sin what you are doing!’

“Blood from the vanquished leader’s various wounds was now caking his shirt. Blows rained down on him.”

President Gaddafi was 69 years old. If the US DoD can do this to the sovereign leader of a major (oil rich) African nation, what are they doing to children in the other American slave states?

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