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The GREAT LINKING – This is the first of two pages with links to peace/anti-war organizations. Also below is a feature article with those links embedded in them.

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Peace is more than the absence of conflict. But the absence of conflict is a good first step in building peace.

Please recall this site is about inter-linking between alt-news and peace advocacy organizations in order to boost everyone’s site rankings. There is strong evidence alt-news sites’ search engine rankings in particular have been suppressed.

In-links from quality sites boost rankings. Below is a simple link-list for some of the more illustrious peace advocacy organizations. For Site Engine Optimization (SEO) reasons your site might get more points if you embed these links in an article. Below the link list I posted a sample feature article. Edit it as you like – provided you are 1) non-profit, 2) consistently adhere to advocating for peace, 3) please don’t advocate for either of the corporate owned political parties in the US as some 3rd independent party is clearly needed and 4) it’s always nice if you give credit to the author. My list of peace organizations is divided onto two “dedicated” pages of this site to avoid possible penalty points from having too many “out-links” on one page.

In the Peace Organization feature article (which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page), the organizations listed below are divided according to category: Peace/Anti-war, religious, interfaith and humanist. The link-list below has all of those links organized alphabetically rather than by category. Ultimately, I believe they all serve the same purpose. Also, please make sure that each of the following links “Open to a new tab,” on your site as that is definitely a site ranking factor.

To the colonial masters…

To the colonial masters, peace is a good thing. The profits come in and the slaves obediently follow orders without question. Likewise, in examining American history one might note the nascent American colonists fought for freedom from the British and French while simultaneously colonizing and enslaving the Native and African Americans.

What’s even more controversial (only amongst the liberal elite) is that via bizarre extensions of the Monroe Doctrine and American Exceptionalism, the USA in partnership with Europe have been, since WWII, trying to colonize the entire world. The goal is “hegemony in perpetuity” and the prevailing philosophy used to rationalize the methodologies used to attain that goal are purely Machiavellian, and in most cases extremely violent.

Peace promoting organizations too often find themselves in the awkward position of trying to promote peace, while requiring donations from the scions of empire to do it. This may in some cases become problematic when doing more than buying bandages to cover the wounds from colonial wars, and instead trying to do something substantial to actually prevent another war of colonial conquest.

As we know the military industrial complex (AKA Euro-American “war machine,” more accurately called the “military-industrial-media complex” these days) is a corporate controlled multi-national, multi-trillion-dollar industry – an infinitely vast killing and torture machine. No peace advocacy organization has successfully prevented a war the US “intelligence community” has targeted for “regime change.”

The Great Linking design briefly discussed herein goes beyond ordinary peace advocacy in that it is a test of the information stranglehold (“I can’t breathe!”) that’s been greatly tightened in recent years on the internet.

Some peace organization’s sponsors might not appreciate participation in a plan that might actually give peace organizations and alt-news a fair voice in the information marketplace. The hegemonic “powers that be” view any attempts at self-determination and exercise of first amendment rights as a “challenge.” That’s ridiculous, but that’s the way they see it. Paranoia is a dreadful disease and unfortunately the people of peace can’t help everyone. Sometimes the best we can do is try to work around the more obstinate troublemakers in venturing forward towards worthy goals.

I don’t want to sound like a “peace apologist” here, but it’s one thing to advocate for peace, it’s another thing entirely to do something that might be viewed as challenging the corporate monopoly on information which is one of the critical support mechanisms for the Euro-American drive towards hegemony in perpetuity.

Fortunately, most people in the world are family people and don’t like war, don’t divide the world into winners and losers and don’t feel challenged by someone only working towards equality and fairness. The hegemonic drive towards total domination in all spheres is a virulent and dangerous psychopathology. An unquestioned assumption that unrestrained capitalism is the ideal economic state is a big part of the problem.

Legally this great linking project should be fine, protected by First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press rights, simultaneously most people are aware laws can be very selectively applied and interpreted to protect the vested interests of the wealthy and powerful.

Internet suppression of peace advocacy and alt-news sites

Which brings me to the reason I’m writing this article. Ever since 2017 at least most peace promoting organizations and the alternative news sites that decry war have suffered what appears to be intentional site ranking suppression on Google. This is particularly distressing because “With its ever-evolving algorithms, a dominant online advertising platform, and personalized user experience, Google has amassed a global market share of 87%.

In other words, Google has a near monopoly on internet searches. Holding second, third and fourth places in global search engine usage are YouTube, Amazon and Facebook, which are not usually used to research contemporary issues, peace organizations or alternative news. Thus, Google is the monolith controlling what the vast majority of people on earth can find on the internet.

Internet suppression of alt-news in particular is a very dangerous thing because mainstream news functions primarily as a soapbox for the corporate superstructure that profits from war, and buys almost all the politicians using anonymous Super PACs.

Having been an anti-war demonstrator since the early 1970s, worked as a journalist in several hegemonic wars, and having had my own internet site visits dropped by around 95%, rather suddenly in 2019, I decided to try to elevate the site rankings of at least some of the major peace organizations and alt-news sites following the best advice of SEO experts by interlinking . The organizations listed on this site represent far less than the total, but hopefully will get “the ball rolling.”

The Great Linking

The concept is very simple. According to SEO rules links in to a site from quality (SEO optimized) sites earn mega rank elevation points. The theory is those links in from “quality” sites prove the value of a site. Links out from a site either earn minor points or no points as long as they don’t lead to spam, which is heavily penalized.

Most peace advocacy and alt-news sites are reasonably well optimized. If every peace advocacy and alt-news site links in and out to every other peace advocacy and alt-news site, this Great Linking should hugely improve all participants’ site ranking. Then perhaps the corporate monopoly promoting war via all forms of media including news can be broken and internet users worldwide can get vastly more fair access to peace advocacy organizations and more accurate news (alt-news) than is currently peddled on mainstream news (MSM) sources.

It is a truism that all people of conscience value peace and are against war.  People with a moral conscience judge war to be an “evil” thing.

The use and abuse of law

Likewise, most people with an understanding of history and law will argue that laws exist to increase people’s freedom, for example the law prohibiting murder increases everyone one else’s freedom to live, the law against theft increases everyone’s freedom to own property and so on.

There is an almost paradoxical relationship between expanding empires and the laws they produce. Empires expand in a bloody lawless fashion conquering all around, and once established fashion laws to 1) ensure the peace and 2) maintain the power structure of the elite that rule that empire.

The bitter-sweet truth

The price of freedom is high. And yet without truth and justice there can be no true freedom, only deferred debts that must be paid sooner or later. Without freedom there can be no peace.

Democracy as it is practiced now in the USA is a corporate driven duopolistic fraud that has denied freedom to more people on earth than any nation or empire in human history.

Since WWII the US has overthrown every known form of government including numerous democracies, in the name of democracy and a tragically reversed form of freedom that demands absolute subservience to the American controlled corporate empire.

The sad fact of the matter is that the USA has debts to pay, specifically to

  • those nations and surviving victim family members its hegemonic war machine has so violently assaulted, which are primarily nations of people of color, Muslim countries, and socialist/communist countries
  • the decimated remnants of the Native American “Circle of Nations” which was shattered by the European invasions and
  • the majority of African Americans and other minorities who still suffer from white supremacist centered mass media, biased law enforcement, judicial policies, and educational system, and too often live in reaction to those prejudices rather than with real freedom to choose their own destinies.

Let us work together now to leave a beautiful and peaceful world without wars for the next generations.

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Please see page Peace 2

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

– John F. Kennedy

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