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Icons of truth-telling include Daniel Ellsberg, Thomas A. Drake, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and most recently Daniel Hale.

Were a president to come along that really believed in truth, justice and freedom, Julian Assange and other political prisoners in the USA would not only be released from jail, but given the highest honors the US government has to offer, and one incredibly huge financial settlement for the “miscarriages of justice” which has held too many truth-tellers captive for so many years.

Many or most alt-news writers, editors and publishers are swimming upstream against a sea of tyranny and at times overt and covert illegal operations including spurious lawsuits designed to silence them.

Internet suppression of alt-news via algorithms or any other method is a violation of First Amendment rights and US Supreme Court decisions.

And yet the sirens’ call for truth and freedom beckon the worthy to continue in spite of all dangers and obstacles. 

It takes more than a little courage to stand in front of 500 years of colonial racism and a multi-trillion dollar killing machine and defiantly shout: STOP!

Only a free press can pull the US hegemon out of this nosedive.

Please remember, links-in to a site from quality sites improve site rankings. That was the first primary factor in Google’s first PageRank algorithm and remains a major factor today.

So, if you have SEO optimized site, please link to some of the alt-news publications and promote free speech and real investigatory news reporting.

When someone has a choke-hold on you, you must explore every avenue to escape that choke-hold. There is no “wait and see,” about it. So, pass the simple link-list posted above to your friends so they can make better informed decisions on election day.

Corporate engineered fake news that only acts as an amplifier for government edicts is a mockery of journalism and completely undermines the democratic system.

Most of the readers of this page can eat today, have access to clean water and a place to sleep. This may seem like a “casual” business to some. But it is a life and death struggle for a billion people around the world.

Providing fair access to real news to western voters may be the only way to stop the colossal violence and silent deaths of the innocents around the world.

Alternative News (alt-news), the last bastion of the free press

Mainstream news finds reasons to promote the continuation of American wars. Alt-news finds out why.

Is there freedom of the Press in the USA? Ha! No there is not. Don’t believe it? Please read this:

In 1841, Thomas Carlyle wrote, “Burke said there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate more important far than they all” (On Heroes and Hero Worship). Four years earlier, Carlyle had used the phrase in his French Revolution: “A Fourth Estate, of Able Editors, springs up, increases and multiplies; irrepressible, incalculable.” Carlyle saw the press as instrumental to the birth and growth of democracy, spreading facts and opinions and sparking revolution against tyranny.      

For an introduction to alt-news, and a pretty scary ride through the US government’s wildly illegal suppression of alternative news, download the document below titled: Alt-News During the 3rd Red Scare – a series of five articles.

Below is a simple link list to some of the best alt-news publications, and below that an article/link list with descriptions/mission statements of those alt-news publications.

The following are in alphabetical order.

Best of the alt-news

The following news sites likewise have legitimate viewpoints that deserve to be heard:

Many of the above sites incidentally are black-listed by the labyrinth of American IC/DoD new censorship algorithms. For questions regarding who holds the higher order set of laws, please refer to: the document titled: Alt-News During the 3rd Red Scare, Article 5, the section titled: Laws and Legal precedents addressing the suppression of alt-news. The 2nd Red Scare tapered off after a Supreme Court decision, however this 3rd Red Scare is something else altogether: a cart on a steep hill with no breaks.

According to the United Nations 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) – Article 19 everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers and subsequent international treatise. Avenues to enforce those rights need to be explored.

About the above list
If I see an alt-news article that lambasts a Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) “target” nation (like Russia, China, Iran, Syria or any other of the 39 nations the US sanctions) with ridiculous nonsense clearly taken from a page in the DoD’s handbook on destabilizing a target nation, I’ll delete that publication from the above list. On the other hand, sometimes even alt-news writers and editors make mistakes with incomplete information that might be misleading.

There are a few publications above I find “iffy.” For example I think al-Jazeera comes down harshly and unfairly on China from time to time. However, it also has some of the best news from the Muslim world.

I understand that to defend themselves from “the great hegemon” al Jazeera has to find and exploit common ground with it. By lambasting China they hope to curry favor for themselves and buy some protection. This is a very common practice.

China is a bit difficult for some people to understand however one has to keep in mind their long-term game plan to fairly evaluate some of their activities. If the American economy crashes, and it might, it will only be the economic strength and stability of China, along with its established supply chains that can keep the world economy and health systems afloat. That can be difference between life and death for 1 – 5 billion people. Does China make compromises with the great hegemon? Obviously. Can I understand why? Reluctantly, yes. Ultimately I believe the great hegemon will never change willingly and some leaders are naive to believe they will. That said, some degree of compliance buys time; time that is needed to protect the majority of humanity from the wrath of a fraudulent Samson (USA). Does the US government have time to pull out of its nosedive into a repetition of the fall of the Western Roman Empire? Yes, hopefully. Is that likely to happen? Probably not. Why not?

Carl Sagan in his book: The Dragons of Eden was right. Corporations operate the same as reptiles. They only consume and have no moral conscience. Fortunately or not, Mathew was also right.

These fatal flaws fly under the radar because the alt-news is suppressed. There is no freedom without justice, and there is no justice without truth. And right now, Google and other search engines along with the rest of the mainstream media is suppressing the many truths about the role of the USA in the world and instead replacing them with self-serving justifications for endless mass-murders and thefts.

The only question worth asking is: Can the alt-news and peace organizations put aside their differences and work together to lift each other via inter-linking so the voters in Europe and the USA can begin to understand what is really going on within their own nations and their own nations’ actions in foreign countries?

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