On left is the Kadesh Peace Treaty (1258 BCE) believed to be the oldest peace treaty in history. Of the 23,000 photos I took along the Silk Roads 2015-2020, this symbol of hope is my favorite.

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Probably the greatest living social philosopher and icon of the alt-media is Noam Chompsky.

His website is: https://chomsky.info. I first hear about his perspectives in 1969 and time hasn’t diminished his stature or wisdom.

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I’m not a 501(c)(3) which should give the donor a real sense of virtue and happiness knowing it is genuine giving!

The first “alt-news” I ever saw was called Kaleidoscope (1967-1971). My family returned back to Milwaukee again from Europe in late 1968. In early 1969 my older brother had some issues of Kaleidoscope laying around and I was fascinated by how totally differently they saw current events, in our city, nation and the Vietnam War compared to the local (MSM) newspaper the Milwaukee Journal and its syndicated stories from AP, and UPI.

Kaleidoscope, Volume 5, Number 6 3, 1971, https://collections.lib.uwm.edu/digital/collection/kal/id/3161/rec/1

My uncle the super-spy/solder had killed himself not long before (after leading bombing raids in the illegal wars in Laos and Cambodia), and then my parents had a very serious talk with me. They told me that I should not follow his path. That was liberating because my childhood was in some ways very “Spartan” to a degree few can possibly imagine. I had been groomed to follow my uncle’s footsteps and suddenly found myself quite free instead. The Summer of 1969 was very enlightening for me. I realized I had grown up seeing the world upside down and backwards. Then the alt-news Bugle American newsletter/magazine came out in 1970, which was also anti-war and I absorbed that with rapt attention.

There was a large state university right across the street so at the tender age of 13 I started partying with the hippies and freaks, who were mainly bonded by opposition to the Vietnam war and apartheid in South Africa. That was the first time in American history millions of whites and blacks sat down together at the table of brotherhood and sisterhood. We didn’t eat much back then but agreed on our shared knowledge that war is evil. Everybody we knew who came back from Vietnam was messed up in the head, and murdering innocent Vietnamese was all due to a corrupt deal between the big corporations and the government; a blood for money equation.

Kaleidoscope and then the Bugle American were the flagpoles of the anti-war movement in Milwaukee but not the heart of it. Still, those alt-newspapers articulated what everyone knew was true. The heart of the anti-war movement was in the university dorm rooms late at night. A few times Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) showed up but mostly everything was local and organizing anti-war and anti-apartheid demonstrations were just some of the topics people talked about. The world was being reborn and we were part of it. The “establishment” was corrupted by corporate influence, from the oil corporations and fast-food franchises to the military industrial complex and its guns, bombs, napalm and landmines.

I remember when the Bugle’s office was firebombed in 1975 and the car of Kaleidoscope’s editor John Kois was also bombed. Everyone knew Milwaukee Police Department’s Red Squad was behind those attacks. So radicalizing youth movements were the norm back then too. Thus, I guess my current opinions regarding the need for alt-news were shaped a long time ago.


As bad as that was, it was worse in other places like Kent State University, where police shot down and killed students for protesting against expanding the Vietnam war into Laos and Cambodia. Those protests were not funded by any foreigner powers. Those were purely domestic.

Kent State University, USA, Mary Ann Vecchio crying out over a fatally wounded Jeffrey Miller, photo by John Paul Filo, 1970 http://100photos.time.com/photos/john-paul-filo-kent-state-shootings

The police and FBI were playing all kinds of dirty tricks back then, same as today. I had a good friend named “X” who was paid to “penetrate” the Black Panther movement at our university. I think mostly they penetrated her from the stories she told me. I know dozens of dirty tricks the police used back then, the same as today. Infiltrate, divide and conquer.

Now however the “establishment,” the corporate masters also use more sophisticated methods, like blocking alt-news on the internet, and starving them until some of them give in and agree to publish some articles that support the war machine. I think the alt-news sources on my list are clean still. Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the Great Linking is a good idea. I haven’t seen a better plan to get any semblance of the truth to American voters.

I traveled a lot in my life and want and need American and European voters to wake up to the realities of their voting decisions – and THEY CAN’T DO THAT without (CAUTION: the following sites contain the real results of American hegemonic wars: death) seeing the results of those decisions, or at least at minimum having access to some real news for a change.

Meanwhile I see the USA teetering on the edge of a class-based civil war and ready, willing and able to start WWIII in a desperate attempt to hang on to its sick, psychotic and fading fantasy of global domination forever (hegemony in perpetuity).

During the past weeks I’ve read the mission statements (and hundreds of articles) of most of the best alt-news and am convinced they’re on the right track. Likewise I’ve read the mission statements of many of the biggest peace organizations, and they appear to genuinely want to promote peace.

American voter patterns are not going to change until they have fair access to the alt-news. They can’t get fair access to real news because of Google‘s algorithmic tyranny and the supersaturation of the public’s attention by corporate controlled media.

In other words, I see this Great Linking or something similar as essential to ending the wars and economic sanctions. All the petitions, demonstrations, conferences and so on make people feel good, like they’re “really doing something important” but they haven’t changed a thing. Voters need access to honest news on a very wide range of topics. That’s the bottom line to honest elections, obtaining social justice and ending wars.

Democracy in the USA is not in danger. No. Democracy in the USA is dead and has been for a long time. It is dead because corporate controlled political parties and corporate controlled news ultimately decide who should be candidates. That is not representing the people. That is only representing the rich people who own stock in those corporations and other special interest groups.

The corporations will not permit voters alternative views, with Google being at the head of that line, followed by the “CNN effect.”

If the USA continues assaulting other nations with unjustified sanctions, soon, within the next few years at the most, the dollar will become worthless.

As US wields sticks, China, Russia to counter dollar hegemony – As Washington wields sticks, urgency rises for de-dollarization: experts, by Wang Cong, March 22, 2021

“Facing a series of damaging sanctions by Washington and potential blockade to the dollar-dominated global payment system, or SWIFT, Russia, China and other countries have embarked on de-dollarization efforts in recent years by using their own currencies in transactions instead of the dollar…

“After a multi-year campaign, China and Russia’s de-dollarization efforts saw a breakthrough, as the dollar’s share in bilateral trade dropped from 90 percent in 2015 to 46 percent in the first quarter of 2020, falling below the 50-percent mark for the first time, according to the Financial Times…

“After the US government imposed unilateral sanctions against Iran in 2019, European countries, including France, Germany and the UK, announced a euro-denominated payment trade with Iran designed to circumvent the US sanctions…

“Remember that the real value of the dollar is in its wide adoption, the trust of a large amount of market participants in a paper that would otherwise be just worthless, a toilet-paper currency,” Angelo Giuliano, a Hong Kong-based financial consultant from Switzerland, told the Global Times on Monday…”


What caused the Great Depression? Isolationism. And good old Joe Biden is following President Trump’s lead in this. That’s economic suicide. It always has been and always will be. Why did/are they doing this? It plays well to the American public. “Hating them, brings us so much closer together.” It’s called the “Rally around the flag” trick. But, now is totally the wrong time for such games.

This Great Linking offers the world some breathing space. A real “break” from the past. Corporate control over news must be challenged if democracy, the USA and/or even the human species is going to survive. All other issues are secondary in my opinion. Only the truth can set us free.

The rest is up to you. So, please send me an email. Let me know what you think.

Which brings me back to the Kadesh Peace Treaty at the top of this page. What is so difficult about the American leadership making mutually beneficial peace treaties with all its imagined enemies? Perhaps if they too had better access to more accurate information (which the alt-news provides) they could make better decisions. If they could make peace treatise 3,279 years ago, why can’t we make some now? It’s not really that difficult.

In sum, please post alt-news links on your quality sites, hope Google has some respect for the First Amendment, and anti-trust laws, sooner rather than later, and hope they want to leave an intact planet and good life for their children and future generations. This world could be a beautiful garden if we just worked together for a change. The alternatives are catastrophic.

My email: gregbrundage at live.com

Please see my new “publication” page on Silk Road Virtual University. That has quite a number of articles you might find interesting as well as my publication bibliography.

One of the hardest thing to live with is regrets. Let’s avoid those regrets and start linking now. Sure there may be some “conflict of interests” with some sponsors. They’ll get over it if they think about it long enough. The alternatives? Regrets – maybe on a colossal scale.

Last thing… Unfortunately it still costs money to live here in Beijing (maybe in the future everything will be free, but not yet). During the past six years I’ve really enjoyed the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour and have traveled to some 16 Silk Road countries interviewing their International Wushu Federation Presidents, Secretary Generals and other officials, national coaches and athletes. Due to being unemployed for the past two years, and the COVID-19 epidemic that has been put on hold. Now, the epidemic is contained here, I’ve had my two vaccines, and would like to continue. So, please contribute to keeping information bridges open around the world and global health in general!


Alas, I am not a 501 C(3) – however am definitely non-profit! (Evidence? I need some serious dental work, but can’t afford it. So, yep, must be non-profit.)

Writer leading stretching with National Jr. Wushu Team in Hanoi 2019
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“A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth.”

Charles Darwin

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