Updated April 12, 2021

Objective: Raise search engine rankings of alternative news (alt-news) sites and peace organizations via inter-linking to attain parity with corporate owned news media for the purpose of a) ensuring western voters have fair access to a broad spectrum of news, ending wars, economic sanctions and the ever-widening wealth gaps within and between nations.

This is an URGENT – time-critical project. To understand the cluster of “Social Justice/Anti-Empire alt-news,” it helps to understand the phrase: “hegemony in perpetuity.” That phrase refers to the American Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) plan to essentially rule the entire world (hegemony) forever (in perpetuity). This is official IC/DoD doctrine.

It is the right of the public to receive suitable access to social, political, esthetic, moral, and other ideas and experiences which is crucial here. That right may not constitutionally be abridged either by Congress or by the FCC.”


Where is the money?

Credit Suisse, 2020

How can it be that the entire continent of Africa only has 1.17% of global wealth when Africa has the world’s largest deposits of natural sources? The USA is not the “world’s policeman,” but rather the most vicious gangster in history, and most American voters don’t seem to know this because of corporate controlled media. And who in the USA has all that money? The IC/DoD steals from the poorest of the poor and gives to the richest of the rich, while poor people everywhere die for a lack of food, water and medical treatment.

Above from https://inequality.org/facts/wealth-inequality/ Also see: https://www.forbes.com/forbes-400/

Western corporate owned search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook block and suppress the realities of the world so American voters can not access accurate information about wealth inequality or the effects of deadly American domestic and foreign policies. This is illegal, but they do it anyways. This site is dedicated to ending that illegal suppression of alternative news.

The “problem” with American “hegemony in perpetuity” is many nations, including Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Niger, DR Congo, China, Russia, Eastern European nations and many others do not want the USA to rule the entire world even for one minute, and certainly not forever. This American drive for “hegemony in perpetuity” is the primary motivation for the “New Cold War,” most military conflicts and economic sanctions around the world and the resulting nine million people that starve to death every year. It is also an egregious, relentless massive series of violations of the 1945 United Nations Charter and many international laws and treaties. The illegal suppression of alternative news perpetuates this violence.

Freedom of Opinion and Expression – International standards

APRIL 8, 2021 UPDATE: For a study of the vast labyrinth of government and quasi-government organizations that are participating in the criminal denial of social justice/anti-empire alt-news publications’ right to freedom of the press please download the two documents below.

First is a short summary on the criminal campaign to suppress alt-news on the Internet. I wrote it to summarize the more serious, detailed and referenced document that follows it below.

Immediately below is a detailed five-part series of articles reviewing and summarizing 1) a birds-eye view on alt-news in general and 2) published investigatory journalism on the largely successful effort by the US government and quasi-government organizations to illegally suppress access to alt-news on the Internet. That document contains MS Word headings and is easy to navigate. Please note at the end of Part 5 a section titled: Legal precedents addressing the suppression of alt-news. That reviews First Amendment rights, Supreme Court decisions, and international treaties very strictly forbidding the suppression of news, including and especially news that presents alternative views to mainstream perspectives.

The following are link-lists with recently published alt-news reports on events in IC/DoD target nations and/or relating to the American drive for hegemony in perpetuity. They are far from complete and will be updated as time permits.

[For a link-list of the top (social justice/anti-empire) alt-news publications see site menu at the top of this page.]

The China document below was posted April 8, 2021.

The Iran document below was updated April 10, 2021

The Libya document below was updated April 11, 2021.

The Palestine document below was posted April 8, 2021.

The Russia document below was posted April 8, 2021.

The Somalia document below was posted April 8, 2021.

The Ukraine document below was posted April 8, 2021.

The US Military-Industrial-Media-Complex document below was posted April 8, 2021.

The US Corporate War on Alt-News document below was posted April 8, 2021.

If you think this is a joke or “paranoid thinking,” please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAfeYMONj9E

Monopolist mainstream news media (MSM) is owned by the shareholders of the same corporations that profit from wars while obedient corporate-owned political leaders fail to represent the people. Please look at how American politicians are “representing the people now.” Even Foreign lobby groups have more power than American citizens in American politics. President Biden is deeply involved in international corruption, and has already proven himself to be a killer that ignores the US Constitution and Congress’s exclusive authority, under Article I, to declare war and authorize the offensive use of military force.”

The bottom line? A multi-polar world has already emerged. The only questions are: 1) “Will western civilization survive to be an active member in that newly evolving multi-polar world, or simply crumble under the weight of its own vast and immeasurable greed, aggression and corruption? and 2) How many more innocents must be crushed by the Euro-American war machine before they accept life in a multi-polar world and end their criminal drive for “hegemony in perpetuity?”

“Permitting” alt-news, the last of the free press fair access on the internet is 1) the law in the USA and 2) actually in Google shareholders’ best interest. Some parasites have symbiotic relationships with their hosts, some kill the host. Google shareholders simply cannot know for certain how far the “intelligence community,” (IC) and US Department of Defense (DoD) is willing to go in this new Cold War and attempts to perpetually maintain and expand its hegemony, and thus the possibility of “killing the host” looms silently.

The Great Linking’s sister site is:
Alt-News Review

This site is dedicated to help ensure a safe and harmonious transition to peace via better communication that can only start to happen with liberation of the “alternative news” (alt-news) from the current state of internet suppression. Net neutrality is only one issue among many. The source of that suppression is primarily Google’s search engine algorithm. This site is 1) a simple way to overcome that search engine alt-news suppression and/or 2) a means to collect evidence of the lengths to which Google will go in violation of the First Amendment right to Freedom of the Press. They think an FCC ruling can trump the Bill of Rights and several Supreme Court Decisions. Google is wrong about that. How much further out on a limb do they want to go? Let’s find out.

Is Google biased?


The final goal of the “Great Linking” is the re-emergence of the free press and an education-communication-based approach  to addressing the ever-widening wealth chasm within and between nations, ending Euro-American hegemonic military aggression and murderous economic sanctions.


I have lived almost half of my 63 years on five continents around the world and again and again run into American covert actions that killed the innocent, most of which never reached the attention of the American public. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist in many, many countries. My one and only desire is to stop the killing and torture of innocents.

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Describing problems is easy. Coming up with a reality-based solution is a bit more complicated. The question is: If we saw a potential reality-based relatively simple strategy to begin to end these wars, economic sanctions, and ever-widening wealth gaps would we recognize it and work to help make it fully functional? Inter-linking the quality alt-media and peace advocacy sites can and will – sooner or later – help defeat internet site ranking suppression.

What you can do

Everybody has heard of the “war machine.” But there is no effective “peace machine.” The “Great Linking” is kind of like a peace machine. There are a lot of moving parts geared towards one direction: Peace!

All it would take is one false flag operation to start WWIII, and those are so easy to manufacture. Furthermore, there are several nations whose “sovereignty” requires American hegemony who are highly motivated to initiate a false flag operation in order to maintain American hegemony.

I fully support many peace-oriented organizations, including: https://worldbeyondwar.org

[I cannot vouch for all the organizations that have joined their group of 600 organizations that decry war. Some are aligned with one side or another of the political duopoly in the USA. That said, as long as they are singularly devoted to promoting international peace with dignity and self-determination for all nations and people, and lifting all economic sanctions, I will smile and shake their hands. To be frank however, I think the USA needs a new “3rd ‘Independent’ Party” of some kind. But! That is not germane to this Great Linking strategy.) I just want to stop the killing and suffering.]