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(My father passed away Friday, November 5, 2021. Whatever it is that I am, he had a lot to do with it. For that, I will be eternally grateful. Things – and people – are often a great deal more than they appear.)

Objective: To encourage interlinking between Social Justice/Anti-Empire alternative news sites (alt-news ) and peace organizations to raise search engine browser rankings of all participants, so that voters have fair access to a broad spectrum of news, help work to end profit-driven wars, economic sanctions and close the ever-widening wealth gaps within and between nations. – The Great Linking is the sister-site of Alt-News Review.

Do Americans have a free press? For a fact-based, well referenced answer please read A brief review of American censorship mechanisms and laws prohibiting it.

For those not familiar with real alt-news, please download the document below, and “Welcome” to the path less trodden, the path to peace, with truth and dignity.

For a list of what this editor considers to be genuine alt-news publications, please see the menu at the top of this page.

Who is paying for the above highly illegal activities? Mostly naive American tax-payers. But increasing numbers are not so naive and know full-well they are held hostage by what has become a police state governed by mostly corrupt political and corporate predators. The effects? Horrific. I have empathy for the plight of American workers and jobless people, for they too are victims of American politically driven psychotic fantasies of “global hegemony in perpetuity.” It’s time to sweep out D.C. with a stiff broom, and the only realistic way to do that is at the voting booths. Please dear voters, research candidates on alt-news sites (see menu above for a list), vote out those who promote insane wars and economic sanctions based on thinly disguised government funded lies, and vote in those who believe in human rights, self-determination and dignity for all, peace and greater economic equality.

American taxpayers and those abandoned by the Capitalist system

There is starvation in 55 countries now and its getting worse rapidly. There’s a lot we Americans can do to help. Preaching hate of those who are different and selling more bombs and guns, is not the answer.

Yemen video on the Middle East Monitor website. Yemen – Collective failure, collective responsibility.

How can the USA get away with this? They censor the news far more than China. I know this because I lived in China for 12 years, have traveled on all five continents since 1963 and read newspapers from all over the world every day. This site editor has been a reporter since 1988 and international journalist since 1992. For some of my past and current publications see:

Silk Road Virtual University.org.

Also see a new site I started recently: https://altnewsreview.substack.com/

“Ending” the predatory activities of the colonial nations is not going to be easy. The changes have to start in the USA. The following are 17 steps to start to make that happen.

Some people will look at this site and other alternative news sources and think or say: “Impossible! It can’t be true!” Those people really should read: William Blum’s classic book Killing Hope, US Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II. What’s going on now around the world is exactly the same as has been going on for five hundred years, and has been American led and greatly amplified since WWII.

Below are downloadable articles with my analysis of the “disturbing” 281-page Congressional “Strategic Competition Act of 2021” that intends to 1) Promote hatred towards China with a very well financed defamatory smear campaign, 2) completely block Chinese perspectives on the internet via site ranking algorithms 3) sabotage the Belt and Road Initiative in a multitude of ways, 4) promote dissension within China and 5) train an army of fake “journalists” to act as mouthpieces for US government anti-China propaganda. If it sounds Orwellian and/or like the McCarthy era, that’s because it is. Though many of the well financed censorship and smear campaign systems described in that Act are already in operation, an additional $4 billion per year (at least) is going to be pumped into enhancing those systems. This is incredibly illegal by both American and international laws, and in this series of articles I review that Congressional Act, relevant laws and other relevant current events around the world in some detail.


Below is a link to a well-done video illuminating the true ill intent and preposterous basis for American aggression against China. Trying to provoke more wars will not solve problems in the USA.

Most people don’t know, it is the stability of the Chinese market that is keeping the world economy stable now and for the foreseeable future. To even talk about trying to destroy China’s economy invites Mutually Assured Destruction.

To understand the cluster of “Social Justice/Anti-Empire alt-news,” it helps to understand the phrase: “hegemony in perpetuity.” This phrase refers to the American Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) plan to rule the entire world (hegemony) forever (in perpetuity). This is official IC/DoD doctrine. To pursue that goal they DO NOT PERMIT Americans FREE and FAIR access to news from around the world. They use a labyrinth of illegal means to do this detailed in several of my publications, e.g. Alt-News During the Third Red Scare (see below).

It is the right of the public to receive suitable access to social, political, esthetic, moral, and other ideas and experiences which is crucial here. That right may not constitutionally be abridged either by Congress or by the FCC.”


Freeing social justice/anti-empire alternative news from government/corporate suppression is the single biggest challenge of our era as the following data suggests.

Where is the money?

Credit Suisse, 2020

How can it be that the entire continent of Africa only has 1.17% of global wealth when Africa has the world’s largest deposits of natural sources? The USA is not the “world’s policeman,” but rather the most vicious gangster in history, and most American voters don’t seem to know this because of corporate controlled media. And who in the USA has all that money? The IC/DoD steals from the poorest of the poor and gives to the richest of the rich, while poor people everywhere die for a lack of food, water and medical treatment.

Above from https://inequality.org/facts/wealth-inequality/ Also see: https://www.forbes.com/forbes-400/ Economic disparities intensify extremist thinking and behaviors. The possibility of a Civil War in the USA is growing faster than anyone wants to think about. “A poll conducted last June by Rasmussen Reports found that 31 percent of probable US voters surveyed believe “it’s likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years.”

The US government is vastly more corrupt that most American voters realize. Many members of Congress directly profit from American instigated wars and assassinations. That is called murder.


Western corporate owned “news,” search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook and Tweeter block and suppress the realities of the world so American voters can not access accurate information about political candidates before they vote, wealth inequality or the effects of deadly American domestic and foreign policies.

This is illegal, but they do it anyways. Download the file below titled “Alt-News During the 3rd Red Scare.” Look at Article 5, the section on “Laws and Legal precedents addressing the suppression of alt-news.” It is unambiguously and wildly illegal to block alternative news yet the censorship increases every year. Readers need to know the names of the alt-news publications to find them. Key word searches won’t reveal them. So! Please visit the alt-news page on this site via the menu above and download a link list of most of the best social justice/anti-empire alt-news publications, and pass it around to all of your friends.

This site is dedicated to ending that illegal suppression of alternative views. Interlinking quality sites can help. So, please also post links to your favorite alt-news sites on your site, update it often and optimize it to the best of your ability.

The bias against alt-news is made worse by Google’s monopoly in the search engine business. According to Reuters published March 17, 2021 “More U.S. states join Texas-led antitrust lawsuit against Google.” Unfortunately ending that monopoly will not necessarily end the algorithmic bias against alt-news. Other competitor search engines can all too easily follow in that government/corporate driven trend. They are related, but separate issues. Unfortunately lawsuits against Google can take 10 years or more to get a decision.

Freedom of Opinion and Expression – International standards

Immediately below is a detailed five-part series of articles reviewing and summarizing 1) a birds-eye view on alt-news in general and 2) published investigatory journalism on the largely successful effort by the US government and quasi-government organizations to illegally suppress access to alt-news on the Internet. That document contains MS Word headings and is easy to navigate. Please note at the end of Part 5 a section titled: Legal precedents addressing the suppression of alt-news. That reviews First Amendment rights, Supreme Court decisions, and international treaties very strictly forbidding the suppression of news, including and especially news that presents alternative views to mainstream perspectives. (Updated May 31, 2021)

[For a link-list of the top (social justice/anti-empire) alt-news publications see site menu at the top of this page.]

The following are link-lists with recently published alt-news reports on events in IC/DoD target nations and/or relating to the American drive for hegemony in perpetuity. They are far from complete and will be updated as time permits.

Working as a journalist on assignment I was invited by the Pakistan military to visit one of the first Taliban training madrassas near an Afghan refugee camp in 1993. Saudi money and CIA planning created the Taliban to unify the warring tribes in Afghanistan (so the million+ Afghan refugees in Pakistan would go home). We Americans created all the terrorists out there, and I know this to be true because I was there and have spent decades on the road living in foreign countries. We Americans created the monsters that stalk our own nightmares, and the nightmares of hundreds of millions of totally innocent children around the world.

Below are some alt-news clipping collections from around the world.

Why no UN Peacekeepers? Where is the international media?

2021.05.27 Don’t Just End the War in Afghanistan, Repeal the Resolution That Authorized It https://www.cato.org/commentary/dont-just-end-war-afghanistan-repeal-resolution-authorized-it#

Monopolist mainstream news media (MSM) is owned by the shareholders of the same corporations that profit from wars while obedient corporate-owned political leaders fail to represent the people. Please look at how American politicians are “representing the people now.” Even Foreign lobby groups have more power than American citizens in American politics. President Biden is deeply involved in international corruption, and has already proven himself to be a killer that ignores the US Constitution and Congress’s exclusive authority, under Article I, to declare war and authorize the offensive use of military force.”

The bottom line? A multi-polar world has already emerged. The only questions are: 1) “Will western civilization survive to be an active member in that newly evolving multi-polar world, or simply crumble under the weight of its own vast and immeasurable greed, aggression and corruption? and 2) How many more innocents must be crushed by the Euro-American war machine before they accept life in a multi-polar world and end their criminal drive for “hegemony in perpetuity?”

Please also see one of my other sites. Add your name to the email list. It’s free!

On a related topic, the General Assembly of the United Nations has a choice to make. Either they restructure the UN eliminating the Security Council, or face WWIII. The single vote veto power in the Security Council ensures the UN entirely fails to fulfill its mission of preventing war.

Below are a few other recent articles by this site’s editor. The general trends of the American “intelligence community” (IC) and Department of defense (DoD) are: 1) destroy China and all it’s international business connections because it is close to having an economy larger than the USA, and 2) replace as many governments around the world with alt-right Neo-conservative (Nazi-like fascist) governments because US foreign policy makers always believed that fascists fight communists best. The following two stories reflect both of those themes.

Is Google biased?


The final goal of the “Great Linking” is the re-emergence of the free press and an education-communication-based approach  to addressing the ever-widening wealth chasm within and between nations, ending Euro-American hegemonic military aggression and murderous economic sanctions.

Voters in the USA and Europe cannot just rely on their most convenient news sources if they want to regain any kind of real freedom whatsoever.

What can you do?

Access a list of good alt-news publications via the menu at the top of this page. Add links to alt-news media to your site.

Everybody has heard of the “war machine.” But there is no effective “peace machine.” The “Great Linking” is kind of like a peace machine. There are a lot of moving parts geared towards one direction: Peace!

All it would take is one false flag operation to start WWIII, and those are so easy to manufacture. There are several nations whose “sovereignty” requires American hegemony that are highly motivated to initiate a false flag operation in order to maintain American hegemony. In other words, time is not on the side of peace. There is an undeniable urgency to getting real news to voters before it’s too late.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13) introduced the US Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2021 on February 18, 2021. That’s a great step forward but it may be 245 years too late. Economic polarization even and especially in liberal democracies was too extreme before COVID-19, and since then has become much worse. The US stands on the brink of an economic based civil war, while simultaneously poised to start World War III. Still, obviously I whole-heartedly support Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s effort. Where there is life there is hope.

I fully support many peace-oriented organizations, including: https://worldbeyondwar.org

An estimated 30 – 34 million (38-43%) of the 80 million forcibly displaced persons are children below 18 years of age (end-2019). The majority lost their homes and had to run because of American driven “hegemonic” wars, and/or American deadly economic sanctions. It’s only gotten a lot worse since the COVID-19 epidemic.

American Members of the House of Representatives and Senate, as per orders of their corporate masters are by far the most sadistic child abusers and killers in all of human history. What’s truly sick about this is they commit those atrocities under the guise of “humanitarian interventions.”

So please America: Close the cruel, evil and wasteful American military bases all around the world. Nobody can colonize the whole world. Others have tried and they always failed. Vote the war mongers out of office. Demonstrate in your millions for a change to peace and cooperative worldwide development with other, far older and wiser nations. And, to help get access to more honest reporting, share the list of alternative news publication you can find via the menu above. Lastly start linking for peace, for the love of humanity, the love of the earth, and if you’re a believer, for the love of God.

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